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Date: 2012.01.21 | Category: Mitzvahs | Response: 1

Jonathan is the third member of the Rosen family that I had the opportunity of photographing and sharing their Bar Mitzvahs.  Ben, Caroline, and Jonathan’s events were filled with special moments of love, laughter and fun! It was a privilege to be a part of them.

Date: 2012.01.10 | Category: Personal | Response: 1

When I checked my original blog post I realized that my mirror part  in my recreated mirrored images were cut off!!!   Hence the resizing and reposting…..

Date: 2012.01.06 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

I can really brag because I am the photographer and not the parents.  I was so impressed with Lidia’s intelligence, vocabulary, and overall personality.  I was blown away!!!!